Local Bank Transfer

With our local bank transfer service, it makes possible to easily deposit to your FX account by a domestic remittance. If you select "Express" at the Option, you can deposit to your FX account on the day with the prescribed procedure.

①Click "Get RefNo." after filling the needed information in the below form.

②Information of the transfer destination account and RefNo. will be appeared.

③Enter your name and RefNo.appeared at ② together in the transfer requester name column at your designated bank.

※Please be forewarned it may incur USD15 as an investigation fee in the case the deposit is not succeeded to be confirmed on our side because of missing RefNo., difference of amount, the mistyped your account number or Refno. and etc.

※The appeared transfer destination account and RefNo. are available only one time. Please be informed that if you use the same information again, the deposit would not be reflected.


Risk Caution:Due to the high risk attached to the Forex trades and other derivative products, you're recommended to trade with proper capital that can bear loss. Please consider carefully and make sure yourself fully understand what risks you're going to take before choose any derivative product, since they're not suitable for all investors. If necessary, please ask for enquiries or suggestions from professional persons.    More details >>